Monday, August 31, 2009

"Doggy Dog World" or "Dog Eat Dog World"

Is it a "Doggy Dog World" or "Dog Eat Dog World"??? I think you'll find the answer is "both" when visiting Stephen Huneck's "Dog Mountain" in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

Just a little family and I have endured the loss of two of our dear pets in just the past twelve months. "Boo" our cat of 18+ years passed after a lengthy battle with a stomach tumor. "Holly" my young and amazing German Shepard passed very unexpectedly of bloat. She was 6+ years old. If you have a large breed dog...take time to learn about bloat (great site for information) and possible ways to prevent it. I had never heard of bloat but it is the second leading killer of dogs behind cancer.

Family friends have told us repeatedly to take time and memorialize our pets at St. Johnsbury's "Dog Mountain". Until this weekend I had only driven past the unique chapel built by Stephen Huneck. The chapel at Dog Mountain was built to memorialize the special bond that exists between families and their dogs. Over the years, visitors have made the chapel a memorial to all their beloved pets.

This past Saturday I picked my youngest son, Cass, up from work. At the last moment I had decided to take my new puppy "Crown" for the ride. Crown, is an Australian Shepard, who got his name after my favorite past-time...I mean drink. My wife, Becky, vetoed "Whiskey" saying it was an inappropriate name for my puppy. My wife runs a daycare out of our house. Becky was concerned about children going home or to friend's houses and telling them about playing with Whiskey at Becky's Playcare. Not exactly the exposure/reputation she was looking for. Crown is a beautiful puppy that has an amazing personality to match. This was Crown's first truck ride. After picking up my son, Cass suggested that we stop by Dog Mountain as it was on our way home.

Dog Mountain is both beautiful and secluded. You are encouraged to bring your companion(s) and experience the chapel, art gallery, agility course and hiking trails. The chapel along with Stephen Huneck's artwork make this a do not miss location for pet lovers.

The three of us loved the agility course. I was able to convince my son to role model for the dog. I fell over holding my side on more than one occasion as Cass completed obstacles. All the while, Crown sat there in amazement looking at his young master jump over bars...six inches high. Cass also scaled teeter totters and ramps at a vicious rate. Ultimately, Crown and I decided that for a human Cass was pretty agile. We're planning to enter him in some shows and hope to bring home some blue ribbons.

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